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Local family to blog from Kenya

October 13, 2011

Jimmy Sherlock [from left], and his sons, Jimmy Jr., 11, and Jason, 12, packed the family truck with donations for their month-long trip to Kenya, where they hope to bring provisions and education to the poverty-stricken region. The family left Wednesday afternoon.

By Colleen King

A local family made the long trip to Kenya this Wednesday, Oct. 12, after spending the last few months preparing for the  mission trip.
Jimmy and Patrizcia Sherlock, along with two of their eight children — Jimmy Jr., 11, and Jason, 10, both G. Harold Antrim Elementary School students, traveled to the African country in hopes of providing relief the to the poverty-stricken region.

Pastor Pete Masau, of God’s Favor Church in Kenya, guided Mr. Sherlock as he decided to make the mission trip.
By chance, Pastor Masau saw Mr. Sherlock being interviewed on the Christian broadcast channel, Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Mr. Sherlock is an entrepreneur who dedicates much of his time to charity work and what he describes as “inspiring others through speaking about [his] ministry and [his] career.”

Impressed by Mr. Sherlock, the pastor contacted him and asked if he would like to participate in a mission trip to Kenya. Mr. Sherlock accepted the invitation and decided to bring his wife and young children.

The Sherlocks have been requesting donations for their trip since August and were thrilled with the response the community showed.
When they left on Wednesday, the bed of Mr. Sherlock’s truck was piled high with over twenty suitcases full of donated items they plan to bring with them.

Through a friend at British Airways, the Sherlocks were able to have their flight upgraded and the restriction on the amount of luggage they are able to bring lifted.

Mr. Sherlock said Wednesday, before he left for the airport, that he was hopeful the family would be able to bring everything that was donated, although the amount of luggage seemed overwhelming at the time.

They will be staying in a three-bedroom apartment for one month, where one bedroom will surely be used for storage for all the thoughtful donations they received, Mr. Sherlock said.

Mr. Sherlock and his sons will be posting to their blog [] from Kenya as a way to keep the local community informed of their trip.

The blog will also be accessible from the Star News Group homepage [, click on “Reader Blogs”] and will be updated as frequently as the Sherlocks have access to a computer and Internet connection.

A version of this story appeared in the Oct. 14, 2011, edition of The Ocean Star, shortly after the Sherlocks arrived in Kenya. Follow this blog to keep up with their work there.

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